Marriage During Covid.

Steady. Intelligent. Aware.

Staying Married – What It takes
COVID-19’s effect on relationships – and what can be done

Most marriages have a natural course that starts with idealization. It is found in the wedding ceremony, a grand societal gesture of love and hope. It is ‘til death do us part.

Yes, very nice. But, we don’t live with an idealization of marriage or with someone who is less than human. To make marriages work, most married couples must segue through incremental disappointments that lead to loving a real, flesh-and-blood person, who also loves you, a flawed, but authentic real guy or gal as well.

Read the article written by Dr. Mark Banschick for Psychology Today

How COVID-19 Affects Marriage—and How to Adapt

A lot of words have been written about the effects of COVID-19 on health, the elderly and society. 

How about the collateral damage? 

Some of which has to do with the health issues other than coronavirus, that are being neglected, or the damaging isolation of our seniors who deserve to have their last years—and time with loved ones, but are denied this access as a consequence of public health.

Read the article written by Dr. Mark Banschick for Psychology Today

Mark Banschick, MD

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Mark Banschick, MD is a child and adolescent psychiatrist with training at Georgetown Univeristy Hospital in Washington, DC, and New York Weil/Columbia Presbysterian Medical Center in New York City. He has a private practice in Katonah, New York